Welcome to the Reporting System of HSL

Safety is our top priority, and your cooperation is crucial to ensure a safe and responsible working environment. On this platform, you have the opportunity to communicate your concerns to us, whether it’s an incident, a suggestion for improvement, a complaint, or a violation of laws, policies, or our company philosophy.

Reports on Incidents:

Whether it’s an accident, a near-miss, unsafe work behavior, a disruption, sabotage, or other incidents – here, you have the opportunity to promptly inform us. Your report helps us take proactive measures to ensure workplace safety.

Ideas for Improvement:

We value your commitment to continuous improvement. Let us know how we can together optimize your workplace, your working environment, the company as a whole, or our safety and quality management. Every suggestion is valuable.


Your opinion matters! Share with us any misconduct in the workplace, disagreements with colleagues or supervisors, questions about service quality, or ethical concerns. We take every complaint seriously and advocate for a respectful working environment.

Violations of Laws and Policies:

It is of the utmost importance for us to comply with laws, policies, and our company philosophy. Report any violations to us, whether it’s corruption, anti-competitive behavior, theft, fraud, violations of labor and environmental protection, discrimination, sexual harassment, or privacy breaches. We treat your reports confidentially and seriously.

Your reports can be made completely anonymously if you choose, as we value your integrity and strive to promote an open and trusting reporting system.

Together, we contribute to making HSL safer, more efficient, and more responsible. Thank you for your cooperation!